Defib Fund

Earlier this year we published a survey in our partner magazine All Out Cricket asking readers to give priority to items which they might need if we were able to finance them.  To our genuine surprise a large number of the respondents put defibrillators as a very necessary item.

The need for this equipment was highlighted last year by the tragic accident where Bavalan Pathmanathan, 24,  was struck in the chest while batting for Manipay Parish Sports Club at Long Ditton and subsequently died. As part of the launch of the fund, the charity was able to donate the first defibrillator unit to this club.

defibrillator - Wendy Grossmith

Automated external defibrillator donated by the Wendy Grossmith Fund

Earlier we announced at annual Cricket Cricket Conference annual lunch at Lord’s for 600 guests, the launch of The Wendy Grossmith Defibrillator Fund (named after the family who donated the first 4 units) with an objective of supplying 200 units to clubs over the next year, and a stated aim of having a unit for each team in the country.

Awareness of heart conditions in both the young and the old, and their susceptibility to cardiac arrest, is a threat which has been mitigated by the development of defibrillators.  It’s not just for the world of sport that these miracles of technology have been invented, and, although our fund is specific to the cricket environment, you obviously appreciate that there is a wider awareness programme to consider.

We are inviting contributions with the aim of building up a fund which will save lives and gives confidence to organisations within cricket, that they have the resources to provide an immediate response to potential emergency situations.

The details of where you may contribute and donate are below.



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